Pablo Brito beats high roller event at EPT Prague and leverages €153 million

Pablo Brito beats high roller event at EPT Prague...

After a sluggish 2023, Pablo Brito will leave Prague, Czech Republic, with the coveted European Poker Tour Silver Sword. He bid farewell to the festival with a winner’s cry in Game 57: €10,200 No Limit Hold’em. The 9tales member beat 46 entrants to take home €153,900.

Pablo entered the High Roller with maximum lag and quickly climbed up the leaderboard. After the founding of the Financial Times, he ranked sixth with 37 BBS. Still unable to get a euro, the Brazilian held out with A♥K♥ against A♣J♠ and Moonho Seo to get closer to the leader.

In the ITM bubble, Pablo won a large pot after winning the championship. It’s best to triple all-in. According to PokerNews, at the start of the match, Thomas Eychenne raised directly to 35,000 from UTG. Pablo then called. Junior Jean-Vincent Lehut pushed his 159,000 chips into the middle of the table. Eychenne raised to 300,000 and then Pablo called with K♦K♠. When Lehut showed 8\8♥, Eychenne showed A♠K♥. The 6♣J♣10♣2♠4♠ cross resulted in the death of Lehut and left Eychenne with only 3 BBS.

Pablo’s next victim was Andras Nemeth. In a 4♣4♠ flip against ACheck, the Hungarian could not find his exit on J 8 ♣ 3 ♠ 10 4 ♦ and fell to fourth place.

More Owners With more than half the stack, Pablo saw Mounir Tajiou send Sirzat Hissou into heads-up play with almost as much chips as he had.

Taijou managed to turn the tables, but Pablo was quick to react. On the A♥10♥6♠ flop, Bahian hit two pair with 10♦6♥, which ultimately paid the Swede to go all-in. Taijou dominated with 9♥4♥, winning more outs on turn 7♠, but the river of 10♣ confirmed Pablo’s victory.

Now with 10 BBSs, Taijou is the next to be eliminated. As a farewell, he declared an all-in move on a K♠3♥3♠9 board and received a call. With 7♠3♣ against K♣4♥, Pablo avoided the river 9♦ and won the pot.

Final score

1. Pablo Brito (Brazil) 153,900 euros

2. Mounir Tajiou (Sweden) 100,400 euros

3. Sirzat Hissou (Germany) €69,200

4. Andras Nemeth (Hungary) €51,300

5. Kazuyuki Tanemura (Japan) €40,200

6. Thomas Eychenne (France) €31,200

Pablo Brito beats high roller event at EPT Prague...

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  • This text provides a detailed account of Pablo Brito’s victory in the European Poker Tour Silver Sword in Prague, Czech Republic. Brito displayed impressive skills and strategic decisions to outplay his opponents and secure the top position, earning significant prize money.

  • This text describes the victory of Pablo Brito in the European Poker Tour Silver Sword in Prague, Czech Republic. He beat 46 entrants and won €153,900, emerging as the champion in a thrilling poker tournament.

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