Luciano Machiarelli is the winner of KSOP Monster 8-Max KO

Luciano Machiarelli is the winner of KSOP Monster...

The KSOP in Rio de Janeiro was packed with champions on Tuesday night. The Monster 8-Max KO Championship was the main event of the day, ultimately won by Argentinian champion Luciano Macchiarelli. His compatriot José Guichi Grill completed the podium in third place.

Lucho, a participant in the previous day’s super high stakes tournament, recovered from a fall at the final table. Contested and won this monster 8-Max KO. He beat 714 entrants and took home R$229,200 for first place.

Luciano is one of the few at the final table who has yet to win a KSOP title. He had to beat Elvis Renan, Peterson Machado, Sergey Utenkov, Sebastian Fonseca Fonseca, Lincoln Freitas, Adriano Aparecido, Alexandre Couto and several other champions, as well as his compatriot Jose “Guochi” Grill, who has already won the one-time main event title.

The champion is satisfied with what he has experienced on the track, he is already thinking about his next steps in the coming days and has made it clear that he will fight for all possible championships that will expand the bankroll.

Final table prize money:

1. – Luciano Macchiarelli (Argentina) – BRL 229,200.

2. – Sebastian Fonseca (Colombia) – 149,000 reals

3. – Jose Grill (Argentina) – 100,000 reals

4. Location – Sergey Utenkov (Peru) – R$ 68,000

5° – Lincon Freitas – R$ 48,120

6° – Alexandre Couto – R$ 36,500

7° – Adriano Aparecido – R$ 28,700

8° – Elvis Renan – R$ 23,200

9° – Peterson Machado – R$ 18,500

Luciano Machiarelli is the winner of KSOP Monster...

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  • I think the text showcases an exciting poker tournament in Rio de Janeiro, with Argentinian player Luciano Macchiarelli emerging as the champion. It is impressive that he beat a field of 714 entrants to win the Monster 8-Max KO Championship and take home a substantial prize of R$229,200.

  • Melissa.feeney

    This text highlights the success of Argentinian poker player Luciano Macchiarelli in winning the Monster 8-Max KO Championship at the KSOP in Rio de Janeiro. Competing against 714 entrants, he took home R$229,200 for first place and is now focused on winning more championships in the future.

  • It sounds like the KSOP event in Rio de Janeiro was a great success, with a packed house and a thrilling final table showdown. Congratulations to Luciano Macchiarelli on his well-deserved win and to all the other competitors who made it a memorable event.

  • I think the text highlights the impressive victory of Luciano Macchiarelli in the Monster 8-Max KO Championship at KSOP in Rio de Janeiro. His strategic gameplay and determination to secure the first-place prize money against a field of skilled competitors is commendable.

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