“icaiuabroca” beats PKO at Suprema Sunday and wins R$ 66,000

“icaiuabroca” beats PKO at Suprema Sunday and wins...

Suprema had a very busy straight draw on Sunday, April 4th. ‘icaiuabroca’ is the winner of Sunday’s R$300 PKO 500K GTD. His total credit increased by R$ 66,049. 1,592 contestants took part in the championship.

In the 800 R$ Omax HR race, “Assimnãoné” won R$ 23,310 with his outstanding performance “Baruck”. Earned a silver medal and R$ 9,712.

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150 BRL Battle HR (767 participants)

Winner: “mig. com” R$18,616

R$550 HighS (113 entries)

Winner: “bel0wab0ve” R$16,672

55 Supreminho (2,297 entrants)

Winner: “Fanfarrão007” R$15,233

“icaiuabroca” beats PKO at Suprema Sunday and wins...

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  • The text provides a summary of the winners and prize amounts for various poker tournaments held on Sunday, April 4th. It shows the diversity of tournaments and the range of prize amounts that players can win.

  • Andre.trantow

    This text describes the results of various poker tournaments on Suprema on April 4th, with winners earning significant amounts of money. The tournaments had a high number of participants and the winners demonstrated exceptional performance to come out on top.

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