WSOP: Hellmuth Wins 137 Blinds From Joanello in ME Event

WSOP: Phil Hellmuth has a full house and an extra...

Phil Hellmuth is always out of the ordinary on the final day of qualifying for the Main Event. The “Poker Kid” enters the lobby of the WSOP wearing a Dan Cates costume. After many videos and photos, he finally entered the competition. His table moved to the TV, and the American won an early pot against Paulo Joanello.

Blinds were 200/400 and Joanello received and raised to 1,000. Distefano 3-bet to 2,600 and Hellmuth called with . The action was passed back to the Brazilian, who raised to 8,000 in chips. The 3-bettor folds, but the “Poker Kid” decides to check the flop. He likes what he sees on the board.

Joanello Bet 8,000 in chips, but the 17-time bracelet winner moved up to 20,000. A fellow world champion calls. That’s how they see the turning point. This time, after Paulo checked, the American bet 15,000 and was called again. The board ended up with a full house for Phil.

Hellmuth was 24,300 behind and decided to bet 18,600 after a brief scene to keep 5,700. Gioanello thought for a few seconds, but suspiciously couldn’t find the crease. In doing so, “The Poker Kid” won an insane pot of 126,800 chips, or 317 big blinds.

WSOP: Phil Hellmuth has a full house and an extra...

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  • This text describes Phil Hellmuth’s unconventional entrance at a poker tournament and his eventual win of a large pot. It highlights his strategic play and luck in obtaining a winning hand.

  • Bettie.schmitt

    This text describes how Phil Hellmuth, a professional poker player, dressed up in a costume before entering a poker competition. He played a key hand and won a large pot, earning himself a significant number of chips.

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