WSOP 2023 Day 13: Leon Sturm Wins $50,000, Viktor Blom Falls In WSOP

WSOP 2023 Day 13: Leon Sturm Wins $50,000, Viktor...

Viktor Blom, the legendary “Isildur1”, has yet to make any live money in the decade since casinos were forced to close due to the pandemic.

The first could be the eight-game kickoff of the 2023 World Series of Poker yesterday, with the Swede in a period of privacy and sporadic use of social media After the media unexpectedly appeared in the game.

Blom is a big proponent of the mixed game, in a sense that the Swede is the biggest proponent of the high stakes on PokerStars after Black Friday , attracting the attention of all the regular halls he wished to appear. Blom had already popularized PLO when Full Tilt Poker started, and in this new phase of uncertainty fraught with regulation and hijacked banks, he’s used to jumping from Limit Omaha Hi-Lo to 2-7 Triple Draw to their Opponent, thereby shocking the opponent. Follow him as the flock follows her shepherd.

These forms of experience seem to be working well for him at the WSOP, where he made it into Day 2, albeit a not-so-great ranking, 164. 218 survivors.

With a $50,000 prize, Alex Foxen was unable to maintain his lead among the five final table spots, according to TV. He lost to Jens Arends and Leon Sturm, who would have played each other if veteran Bill Klein hadn’t stepped in.

The millionaire made huge strides, beating the Central European players at the third table. Before things got even more out of hand, Sturm moved all-in for the candidate’s victory and was singled out in a technical draw that quickly moved in his favour.

The German is a newcomer to the tournament The high roller was earning just six figures before taking home $50,000, finishing fourth in last year’s WPT Deepstacked tournament at the Venetian this summer name.

WSOP 2023 Day 13: Leon Sturm Wins $50,000, Viktor...

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    Based on the text, it seems like Viktor Blom, also known as Isildur1, has not been successful in making money at live poker games since casinos closed due to the pandemic. However, he has a strong reputation in high-stakes poker and is known for his skills in various game formats.

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