Poker creates another Chilean millionaire at Monticello

Poker creates another Chilean millionaire at Monti...

Sooner than expected, poker at Monticello Casino is making headlines again. Just days before the start of a tournament that is expected to offer prizes in excess of 100 million pesos ($115,000), one lucky player has won an impressive188,242,000 CL$ ($215,000). -USD)after winning the coveted royal flush last Saturday.

Starting August 23, all Chilean Grinders will compete in a tournament with a buy-in of CL$700,000 , lasting two days.

The winner, known as JSA to protect his privacy, described his victory as “every poker player’s dream”. In fact, it was a child’s dream. JSA has been dedicated to the transportation sector for over 40 years. He was reminded of his own emotional experiences. Accompanied by his wife, who loves playing slot machines, he decided to play one last round of poker against the casino at the gaming table.

JSA shared that he has been close to getting the Royal Flush more than once in the past, which makes him confident that he can do it this time. On the advice of a friend, he made one last bet, this time blind, without seeing the cards. The further his hand pushed forward, the more excited and nervous he became. Eventually he wins the hand and gets the prize he’s been looking for.

Euphoria exploded and he jumped, screamed, and hugged his friend. JSA went to see his wife, who was also shocked and confused by the news. “When I told her she became very nervous, she didn’t believe me, we left the room and she tried to light a cigarette but on the third try she couldn’t, her nerves wouldn’t allow it.”

The winner showed his generosity by splitting part of his winnings between casino staff and his friends. “I gave a lot of money to the casino staff and my friends. I’ve always believed that when you try to be generous, life pays off. My wife and I have been thinking about this for a long time.”JSAWith their caring attitude, they helped a single mother and her four children, providing them with a new home and contributing to their lives.

Monticello General Manager Manuel Rojas expressed satisfaction with the players’ victory and emphasized that the casino’s philosophy is a place where dreams come true.

Poker creates another Chilean millionaire at Monti...


  • This text highlights the recent poker win at Monticello Casino, where a lucky player won a significant amount of money. The story also emphasizes the player’s generosity in sharing part of his winnings with casino staff and his friends, showcasing the casino’s philosophy of making dreams come true.

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