Microfest’s first major tournament to take place on Sunday

Microfest's first major tournament to take place o...

GGPoker’s Micro Festival is today’s big festival. Tournaments are available, but the guarantees are huge. So any player who likes to play these games won’t miss a day, and of course they’ll give it their all on Sunday.

June 11 this year will be a special day for the series, as it will be the first day of the series when the big multi-air race is out. The Global Millions Micro will be an event that will be defined, with all players advancing to the next round competing on the second day of the massive event.

The prize pool for this $5 only tournament is $300,000. As of this writing, the pot has yet to be breached, but is less than $10,000 away. Therefore, the remaining day 1 is critical to determine the allocated funds.

The first round will take place every two hours on GGPoker this Saturday and before Day 2 begins. So if you haven’t qualified yet, pick the best time and try again.

Microfest's first major tournament to take place o...

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