Matías Scaffo Leads Carrasco Super High Roller

Matías Scaffo Leads Carrasco Super High Roller

achieved great success.Those are the two words that best describe the Carrasco Super High Roller, organized by LLFB Eventos and held at the exclusive Carrasco Casino in Montevideo, ended this Friday with Matías Scaffo leading the .

The tournament has a buy-in of $2,000 and a guaranteed price of $200.00 over its guaranteed price before hitting the first breakout of the day. However, there are no final numbers yet, as registrations are still open until Saturday.

Coco Sily, one of the stars of the Carrasco Super High Roller.

166 participants are considered and there are currently 60 players. Scaffo leads with 960,000 chips, while newcomer Bartolo Belluscio is second with 693,000 chips . Sebastian Lobo Finished on the podium with 666,000.

The region’s best players – in addition to those already at the WSOP in Las Vegas – gather for the grand event, which includes a roster of luxury competitors. El Soldador Venegas (582,000), Richard Daubigny ( 562,000), CodigoPoker director Fernando Romano(526,000), Andres Dos Santos (182,000) and Juan Francisco Garcia (94,000) still in contention for the title.

Carrasco Super High Roller continues

CodigoPoker Covered Carrasco Super High Roller Offers $1,000 Re-Entry Up To Level 20 Final Day Of Play This Saturday From 2:00pm start.

Super High Roller Countdownplayer stack

Gustavo Roberto Santucci

jugador”Andres dos Santos

Aniz Abu Rahul David


Matías Scaffo Leads Carrasco Super High Roller

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    This text provides information about the Carrasco Super High Roller poker tournament, highlighting the success achieved and mentioning the current chip leaders. It also mentions some notable players still in contention for the title.

  • Based on the text, it seems that the Carrasco Super High Roller tournament has been successful so far, with a good number of participants and high prize money. Matías Scaffo is currently leading the tournament with the highest number of chips.

  • This text provides a detailed overview of the Carrasco Super High Roller event, highlighting the players and their chip counts. The tournament has attracted top players and is ongoing with a promising lineup for the final day of play. The guaranteed prize pool of $200,000 adds to the excitement of the competition.

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