Leon Sturm breaks the 50,000 WSOP mark and wins his second WSOP Million this month

Leon Sturm breaks the 50,000 WSOP mark and wins hi...

Just five days after winning $1.5 million in the Mega Millions, Leon Sturm is headed to Las Vegas for another win at the World Series of Poker. In Event 23: $50,000 No-Limit Hold’em High Roller, the 22-year-old defeated 124 players for $1,546,024.

“Financially, I’ve had a surreal month. This win adds up.” Great. Overall, that’s a lot of wins. ’ the grinder told the WSOP reporter.

Sturm is known for his online success, he runs the “Rumuku!us” account on GGPoker and has competed against well-known pros in different fields. Generation after generation in three days. Despite the fierce competition, his heads-up opponent was recreational player Bill Klein. The businessman, accustomed to teasing poker superstars, was once again a true small hand and bluffed with a three-handed Jans Arends. Check it out:

Sturm then knocked out Arends, narrowing Klein’s lead. The European took the title in a very close matchup:

With the blinds at 300,000/600,000 and the BB ante, Sturm made a min-raise and was called. The flop came J♠8♣3♠ and Klein announced a checkcall to Sturm’s 1,000,000 c-bet. Klein pushed his stack of 13,700,000 into the middle of the table on round 6. Sturm thought for a moment before calling with Q♣J. Klein dominated with the 8♥5♦ but was not rescued by the 2♥ river.

A total of $5,921,000 was paid out for Event 23. Here is how much each finalist deposited:

1. Leon Sturm (Germany) $1,546,024

2. Bill Klein (USA) $955,513

3. Jans Arends (Netherlands) $694,019

4. Alex Foxen (USA) $512,824

5. Seth Davis (USA) $385,617

6. Justin Bonomo (USA) $295,169

7. Sam Soverel (USA) 230,066 US$

8. Sung Joo Hyun (South Korea) US$182,662

Leon Sturm breaks the 50,000 WSOP mark and wins hi...

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