Josh Arieh Wins Limit Hold’em Tournament At WSOP And Earns His Fifth Bracelet

Josh Arieh Wins Limit Hold'em Tournament At WSOP A...

Josh Arieh’s WSOP streak continues. After huge successes in 2019, 2021 and 2022, it took him just a few days to win his first bracelet of the season. In Event 22: $10,000 Limit Hold’em Tournament, he won $316,226 against 133 opponents.

“This is something new to me in recent years. I’ve failed in 2019, 2021, 2022 and now 2023. It shows that when you line up, everything starts Effect. I don’t play as well as these guys. You can ask anyone and they’ll make fun of the cards I play and the things I do, but I’ve been hitting my goals so I’m doing the right thing,” Arieh told Card Player /p>

Arieh hasn’t won a WSOP in 16 years after achieving great success in the early part of the decade. In 2021, not only did he find his way back to winning ways, but he won Player of the Year by a wide margin.

Arieh joined Joe McKean in the final of the Limit Hold’em tournament. A former world champion, he is also looking for his second championship title. The New Jersey ace finished fourth for $107,540.

Check out how much all finalists have won:

1. Josh Arieh (USA) $316,226

2. Daniel Idema (Canada) $195,443

3. Nozomu Shimizu (Japan) $144,069

4. Joe McKean (USA) $107,540

5. Louis Hillman (USA) $81,298

6. Nicholas Pupillo (USA) $62,255

7. Nick Schulman (USA) $48,298

8. Kevin Song (USA) $37,967

9. Ronnie Bardah (USA) $30,248

Josh Arieh Wins Limit Hold'em Tournament At WSOP A...

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