Jon Ander Martinez becomes 10th Spaniard to win PokerStars Sunday Million

Jon Ander Martinez becomes 10th Spaniard to win Po...

The most famous online poker tournament, Sunday PokerStars Millions, is back in Spanish hands for the second time in ten years and the twelfth time in the tournament’s history.

A new name joining this illustrious list is Jon Ander Martínez “viejojuan5”, who won out of 10,782 entrants – of which he contributed three – . p>

The Sunday Million, named for its day of play and guaranteed money, has postponed the second day of action because there are still 82 players left.

Jon Ander had a pretty comfortable chip throughout, but made things even easier with two doubles in the clutch. These pots were won on the second-to-last and second-to-last tables of the tournament, allowing him to enter the FT as the chip leader.

In this screenshot from SuperPoker, you can see that Jon Ander opened with 72bb. , nearly three times as big as the third, whose biggest worry came from another player” blowknockout”‘s stack, which was over 50bb.

Jon made a mistake in the opening of 60M and his 6M chips were taken advantage of by the big stack. He went all-in on the Spaniard with the full weight of ICM. Jon folded, leaving one-third of the chips on the table.

The dynamics at the table, with several mid-sized players stacking up and Jon’s stack shrinking, seemed catastrophic for our interests. Tragedy seemed imminent when Jon 3-bet with KQdd and on the emerging “alex_gr80”. “preflopfoldQA” Came from behind with QQ, but diamonds saved us.

Our Cariocas colleagues regret the departure of their representative “calcinha92” in fifth place, also shooting 239M of the “blowknockout” stack from alex_gr80, 128M of which and Martinez Of 95M, Swede”SirEklund”has been a stoner since the beginning of FT.

Instead, the Swede joined Jon in a heads-up after a surprising comeback by the lowest-ranked player at that stage of the tournament, pushing the Mexican chip leader into fourth place.

With prize pools of just over €56,000 for the first two tournaments, the real difference is the prize money. Jon missed out on the more exciting competition and only made $22,431 more after winning heads-up.

In February 2020, he followed Juanki Vecino in winning the same match and we have a review of all the matches that the Spaniard entered in the list of winners of the tournament.

A total of nine people participated, including two famous Galicians,Juan Marcelas Sr. “vietcon01” and Luis Rodriguez “Turko_man” participated twice . .

After that, in three and a half years, SM’s only Hispanic win was Turko’s third, joining fellow three-time champion Artem Vezhenkov in the room’s historic “veeea.”

Jon Ander Martinez becomes 10th Spaniard to win Po...

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  • This text is a report on the Sunday PokerStars Millions tournament, highlighting Jon Ander Martínez viejojuan5 as the winner. It provides details about his performance and previous winners of the tournament, emphasizing the significance of a Spanish player winning for the twelfth time in the tournament’s history.

  • The text discusses the victory of Jon Ander Martínez in the Sunday PokerStars Millions online poker tournament. It mentions his comfortable chip lead throughout the tournament and his successful doubles that helped him secure the win.

  • It seems like the text is describing a poker tournament where a Spanish player, Jon Ander Martínez, emerged victorious. There were some tense moments during the final table, but ultimately he came out on top. It also mentions past Spanish winners of the tournament and their achievements.

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