Inside the Pros at the 2022 WSOP (Days 26 & 27): Adrian Mateos Returns for $6-Up to $10,000 Event!

Inside the Pros at the 2022 WSOP (Days 26 & 27): A...

There is no better festival in the world than the World Series of Poker and Winamax cameras capture all the excitement and beauty of the track.

Caesars has been successful In the Mind of a Pro The team could easily shine at the WSOP and this class is really exciting. New scenarios, new action, but the same story at the most anticipated event of the year.

With the Americans scrambling to schedule events for fall 2021 and then reclaiming summer spots, after the WSOP and the next four months, ELMDUP is back where it left off: The entire Winamax team competes for a gold bracelet in Las Vegas.

We met Double Ration Adrian Mateos has cashed in and is expected to compete for his fifth bracelet in the 6-Max $10,000 tournament, which is Team Winamax’s favorite tournament, as evidenced by four team members in the tournament’s prize pool.

For the in-depth thrills of a WSOP event with only sharks at the table, we must add an unusual and frightening incident that took place on the Las Vegas Strip last year.

If you recall, a glass door explosion at a Main Street casino in Las Vegas was mistaken for a shooting, sparking a mass hysteria that even reached the Bally’s. The tournament room contained an overturned table, thousands of scattered chips, and a few minor injuries.

So this is no ordinary event. Let’s see how the brains of pros reacted to one of the most bizarre events in live poker history.

The thumbnail in the image is a direct link to the YouTube video with two chapters today. Don’t forget to turn on subtitles in the player.

Inside the Pros at the 2022 WSOP (Days 26 & 27): A...

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