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Bryn Kenney Ranks No. 1 on All-Time Rich List

Reign Over: Bryn Kenney Passes Justin Bonomo to To...

Bryn Kenny is undeniably the star of the sport, even though he is a very controversial player. His $262,500 victory at the Luxon Pay Invitational at the Triton Series in London proved it and marked the end of a long run by professional Justin Bonomo at the top of the overall money list, which is defined by live tournament prize money as:

The American beat 118 entrants in the prestigious high-stakes series in the beautiful British capital to win the most expensive tournament on the schedule, raising a whopping $6,800,000 and holding a lot worth Something to celebrate. The winner of the “VIP” tournament hit the $64,829,392 profit mark in his long career to claim the title again.

It took a long 610 days for Bonomo to finally lose his crown. It’s worth noting that this very formidable duo has been battling for the top of the all-time money list for more than five years, and some changes have taken place in that time. In the last update on December 3, 2021, Justin Bonomo won the Super High Roller at Bellagio without even threatening to be passed.

There are good reasons for this. Bryn Kenny has played in far fewer games than Bonomo in the aforementioned period, making the fight for dominance even more difficult. While Kenney has won just 12 prizes over the course of a few months, Justin has won over 30 prizes for a total of $61,956,381. The difference between the two is $2,873,011.

The new name may not appear at the top in the next few updates. Daniel Negreanu (No. 3 – $51,077,626), Stephen Chidwick (No. 4 – $49,772,121) and Jason Koon (No. 5 – $49,467,008) are next on the list, with huge differences in value compared to Kenney and Bonomo.

Check out the top 10 below:

1 – Bryn Kenney (USA) – $64,829,392

2 – Justin Bonomo (USA ) – $61,956,383

3 – Daniel Negreanu (Canada) – $51,077,626

4 – Stephen Chidwick (England) – $50,273,121

5 – Jason Koon (USA) – $50,273,121

6 – Dan Smith (USA) – $45,099,216

7 – David Peters (USA) – $43,776,443

8 – Eric Seidl (USA) – $43,73,783

9 – Mikita Badziakouski (Belarus) – $42,938,617

10 – Fedor Holz (Germany) – $39,487,968

Reign Over: Bryn Kenney Passes Justin Bonomo to To...

WSOP: Hellmuth Wins 137 Blinds From Joanello in ME Event

WSOP: Phil Hellmuth has a full house and an extra...

Phil Hellmuth is always out of the ordinary on the final day of qualifying for the Main Event. The “Poker Kid” enters the lobby of the WSOP wearing a Dan Cates costume. After many videos and photos, he finally entered the competition. His table moved to the TV, and the American won an early pot against Paulo Joanello.

Blinds were 200/400 and Joanello received and raised to 1,000. Distefano 3-bet to 2,600 and Hellmuth called with . The action was passed back to the Brazilian, who raised to 8,000 in chips. The 3-bettor folds, but the “Poker Kid” decides to check the flop. He likes what he sees on the board.

Joanello Bet 8,000 in chips, but the 17-time bracelet winner moved up to 20,000. A fellow world champion calls. That’s how they see the turning point. This time, after Paulo checked, the American bet 15,000 and was called again. The board ended up with a full house for Phil.

Hellmuth was 24,300 behind and decided to bet 18,600 after a brief scene to keep 5,700. Gioanello thought for a few seconds, but suspiciously couldn’t find the crease. In doing so, “The Poker Kid” won an insane pot of 126,800 chips, or 317 big blinds.

WSOP: Phil Hellmuth has a full house and an extra...

Yuri Martins, Felipe Mojave and Renan Bruschi in WSOP Players Championship

Yuri Martins, Felipe Mojave and Renan Bruschi in W...

The Poker Players Championship, billed as the most technical event at the WSOP, has already racked up 73 stars on its first day. At the end of the six 100-minute levels, 55 participants had confirmed for the next stage, including three Brazilians who paid a $50,000 buy-in.

After finishing second last season, Yuri Martins made a strong debut and finished 17th in chips with 463,500 chips. Felipe Mojave (28th) and Renan Carlos Burschi (50th) were below the championship average of 398,182.

Another player in the queue was one elimination away from having his name in the chip stack – the Reese Trophy. In Vice 2019, Josh Arieh has 1,088,000 in chips. He was followed by Phil Ivey. A finalist in 2018 and 2019, he has 944,500 chips at his disposal.

Dan Cates also made the cut. He became a champion in 2021 and 2022, played his best, and returned to The Players Championship as a future finisher. After a rough ride, he managed to fight back and collect 305,500 chips.

Day 2 starts at 17:00 (Brasilia time), late registration closes at 0:15.

Yuri Martins, Felipe Mojave and Renan Bruschi in W...

Aguilera and Rox to be Latin aces on Day 7 of WSOP 2023 Main Event

Aguilera and Rox to be Latin aces on Day 7 of WSOP...

Mexico’s José Aguilera is in the Top 20 in the tournament and has an important pick to keep the final table in contention (photo courtesy of PokerNews). ).

The $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em World Championship, the main event of the 54th edition of the World Series, has been reduced to just 49 players and the tournament has dwindled as a result. Among them, Mexican Jose Aguilera and Brazilian Carlos Roquez are the only remaining representatives of the Latin American Armada. Aguilera ended Day 6 with 14,950,000 in chips and was 16th in chips, while Rox was 25th with 10,975,000. American Joshua Payne leads with 47,950,000 units in Day 7 qualifiers.

Payne leads the 49 players still in contention for the WSOP title in Las Vegas.

Starting this Thursday at noon, Las Vegas time, Day 7 of the 2023 World Series of Poker (WSOP)The game is about to start at)Main Event. Attendance at the event dwindled from the 149 people seated at the start of the event to just 49 after a tense night before. American Joshua Payne leads the chip stack with 47,950,000 chips, well ahead of the next Spanish player, Juan Maceiras Lapido. The Iberian scored 40,500,000 points, while Daniel Weinman, also from the host country, was part of the podium, although he was on Day 6 Finished with 24,375,000 points In his opinion, he is still far from the top two.

Joshua Payne ends Day 6 of the tournament as the chip leader.

After eliminating 100 players at the table in Wednesday’s Level 5 event, the Latin American team was awarded $10,000 in the Marathon-Limit Hold’em World Championship now only Jose Aguilera of Mexico and Carlos Enrique Roques da Silva of Brazil. The Aztecs finished 16th in chips with 14,950,000 chips, while the Brazilians started Day 7 with 10,975,000 chips and 25th overall

Colombia’s Sergio Torres tops the money list in his first World Series appearance after a memorable run, while the Latin American Armada’s nine representatives Win the championship while running out of chips. Day 6. The Ibag player finished 63rd for a whopping $130,300 in prize money, which would be the largest payout of his career at a live tournament. Prior to this, Mexico’s David Cossio Ruíz (86th; $92,600) and Diego Ramos (120th; $67,700); Venezuela’s Luis Yépez (No. 89; $92,600); Oscar Arache, Chile (No. 115; $67,700); Ezequiel Lebed, Argentine (No. 141; $67,700 US$) and Brazilians Vitor Bengozi (No. 98; US$78,900), Luis Dornelles (No. 112; US$67,700), Hilton Laborda (No. 116; $67,700) and Rodrigo Motoki (No. 148; $67,700).

If play is restarted, blinds are 125,000/250,000, with 250,000 mandatory higher stakes; bet values ​​based on 31. level. Every Day 7 invitee has earned at least $188,400; but everyone will do their best to make it through the day, with five additional levels of two hours each .

We end Day 6 with the Top 10 in chips. Details and paytables for the Latinos in action will be OK until we know the new World Series of Poker champion:

Day 6 Top 10

Chip Leader: Joshua Payne (USA) 47,950,000 in chips2. Location: Juan Maceiras Lapido (Spain) 40,500,0003rd Place Location: Daniel Wen Mann (USA) 24,375,000Fourth place – Richard Ryder (USA) 22,650,000 Fifth place: Tim Van Loo (Austria ) 21,700,0006th Place – Alec Torelli (USA) 21,075,0007th Place: Daniel Scroggins (USA) 20,800,0008th. Location: Ryan Tamanini (USA) 19,200,0009th Place: Pierpaolo Lamanna (Italy) 18,875,00010th Place: Nicholas Gerrity (USA ) 18,075,000

Aguilera and Rox to be Latin aces on Day 7 of WSOP...

Leon Sturm breaks the 50,000 WSOP mark and wins his second WSOP Million this month

Leon Sturm breaks the 50,000 WSOP mark and wins hi...

Just five days after winning $1.5 million in the Mega Millions, Leon Sturm is headed to Las Vegas for another win at the World Series of Poker. In Event 23: $50,000 No-Limit Hold’em High Roller, the 22-year-old defeated 124 players for $1,546,024.

“Financially, I’ve had a surreal month. This win adds up.” Great. Overall, that’s a lot of wins. ’ the grinder told the WSOP reporter.

Sturm is known for his online success, he runs the “Rumuku!us” account on GGPoker and has competed against well-known pros in different fields. Generation after generation in three days. Despite the fierce competition, his heads-up opponent was recreational player Bill Klein. The businessman, accustomed to teasing poker superstars, was once again a true small hand and bluffed with a three-handed Jans Arends. Check it out:

Sturm then knocked out Arends, narrowing Klein’s lead. The European took the title in a very close matchup:

With the blinds at 300,000/600,000 and the BB ante, Sturm made a min-raise and was called. The flop came J♠8♣3♠ and Klein announced a checkcall to Sturm’s 1,000,000 c-bet. Klein pushed his stack of 13,700,000 into the middle of the table on round 6. Sturm thought for a moment before calling with Q♣J. Klein dominated with the 8♥5♦ but was not rescued by the 2♥ river.

A total of $5,921,000 was paid out for Event 23. Here is how much each finalist deposited:

1. Leon Sturm (Germany) $1,546,024

2. Bill Klein (USA) $955,513

3. Jans Arends (Netherlands) $694,019

4. Alex Foxen (USA) $512,824

5. Seth Davis (USA) $385,617

6. Justin Bonomo (USA) $295,169

7. Sam Soverel (USA) 230,066 US$

8. Sung Joo Hyun (South Korea) US$182,662

Leon Sturm breaks the 50,000 WSOP mark and wins hi...

Josh Arieh Wins Limit Hold’em Tournament At WSOP And Earns His Fifth Bracelet

Josh Arieh Wins Limit Hold'em Tournament At WSOP A...

Josh Arieh’s WSOP streak continues. After huge successes in 2019, 2021 and 2022, it took him just a few days to win his first bracelet of the season. In Event 22: $10,000 Limit Hold’em Tournament, he won $316,226 against 133 opponents.

“This is something new to me in recent years. I’ve failed in 2019, 2021, 2022 and now 2023. It shows that when you line up, everything starts Effect. I don’t play as well as these guys. You can ask anyone and they’ll make fun of the cards I play and the things I do, but I’ve been hitting my goals so I’m doing the right thing,” Arieh told Card Player /p>

Arieh hasn’t won a WSOP in 16 years after achieving great success in the early part of the decade. In 2021, not only did he find his way back to winning ways, but he won Player of the Year by a wide margin.

Arieh joined Joe McKean in the final of the Limit Hold’em tournament. A former world champion, he is also looking for his second championship title. The New Jersey ace finished fourth for $107,540.

Check out how much all finalists have won:

1. Josh Arieh (USA) $316,226

2. Daniel Idema (Canada) $195,443

3. Nozomu Shimizu (Japan) $144,069

4. Joe McKean (USA) $107,540

5. Louis Hillman (USA) $81,298

6. Nicholas Pupillo (USA) $62,255

7. Nick Schulman (USA) $48,298

8. Kevin Song (USA) $37,967

9. Ronnie Bardah (USA) $30,248

Josh Arieh Wins Limit Hold'em Tournament At WSOP A...

Peter Patrício has an amazing score on GGPoker

Peter Patrício has an amazing score on GGPoker

During Monday’s game, Peter Patrício put on a show in the online tournament. The Belo Horizonte ace made the most of his chance at the Brazil final in the $840 High Roller Bounty Warmup, adding $10,542 to his bankroll. A few minutes earlier, Felipe “LisFlower” Boianovsky (2nd) and Murilo Milhomem (3rd) had pocketed $4,639 and $3,638, respectively.

Pitao didn’t stop there. In the $215 Daily Heater [Bounty Turbo] competition, he beat 158 ​​entrants and won another $6,284.

Renato “Uber Celta” Estevão, meanwhile, finished on the podium in the $215 Bounty Hunter Race in 2017. Big Game and won $14,258. 498 players participated in the tournament.

Carlos Madeira won the $150 Monster Stack Monday for $13,210.

Still on GGPoker: Elias “Vasilha_SP” Neto leaves Monday’s Monster Stack HR 4-Max event for $1,050 with $12,549 in prize money.

Peter Patrício has an amazing score on GGPoker

Ivan Limeira is PokerStars 50/50 Series Champion

Ivan Limeira is PokerStars 50/50 Series Champion

Brazil’s performance in the PokerStars 50/50 Series was amazing. In yesterday’s Event 10: $50 NL Hold’em Mini Bounty Builder HR SE segment, Ivan Limeira was crowned champion after defeating 3,189 opponents. In all, he earned $14,024 for the championship.

On the final day of the $109 Sunday Million, grinder “8Sicchers8” won by sevens for $11,739. He also won Event 08: $50 NL Hold’em Deep Stack, 50/50 on the site for an additional $6,102.

Caique “KaikeSilva” Sanches also posts on the site. He finished on the podium with $7,114 in Event 13: $50 NL Hold’em Daily Supersonic SE. There were 909 participants in the tournament.

“DSosi” won the bronze medal and $6,912 in the $11 Sunday Storm competition.

Ivan Limeira is PokerStars 50/50 Series Champion

Victor Andreoletti Wins Supreme Poker Series Event 141-H for R$84 Million

Victor Andreoletti Wins Supreme Poker Series Event...

Whoever joins the Suprema Poker Series has the opportunity to fight for great success every day. Victor Andreoletti picked up a five-figure cash on Monday after his big win in Event 141-H: $3,500 NL Hold’em Super HighS. Out of 76 entrants, he came in first with $84,071 in prize money.

In another high stakes event at the festival, Event 349-M: $220 NL Hold’em Battle HR, “papaoutait” is no stranger to him. Chapter 737 Opponent. He earned $27,294 in wins.

In Event 142-H: R$1,000 NL Hold’em HighS, “rulerrrrr” defeated 82 players and won R$22,136.

See more results:

Event 140-H: $550 NL Hold’em Mini HighS (146 entrants)

Winner: “AKMcLovin1” R$20,708

Event 526-L: $75 NL Hold’em Battle (1,247 participants)

Winner: “Sheen22” $16,315

Event 350-M: R$110 No Limit Hold’em Puzzle (510 entries)

WINNER: “Feijão88” R$7,040

Victor Andreoletti Wins Supreme Poker Series Event...

Listen to the 222nd Annual MarcaPoker Show Podcast

Listen to the 222nd Annual MarcaPoker Show Podcast

MarcaPoker yesterday aired on Radio Marca, thanks to David Luzago and sponsorship of Winamax.

David checked out Poker News in an hour, including a national and international one and a half long program, which was, as always, very entertaining.

We don’t reveal the content; we only provide the Table of Contents:

News summaries handwritten by David Luzago himself.

We analyze the interview with the photo of the founder of Hawkers Sunglasses on his new Youtube channel with Adrián Mateos.

Javi Landa tells us how he and his team Pagafantas are enjoying the prize they won at the Winamax King5 competition in Las Vegas.

Adrián Almagro “Adritinsonn” analyzes the largest pot in televised poker history, with Tom Dwan “Durrr” and Wesley Fei playing $3.1 million this week.

As well as connections to Multivenue Million Poker Festival in Bratislava, SPF in Torrelodones, Golden in Barcelona and Mus Pro High Roller in the Grand Casino of Aranjuez.

If you can’t hear it live we recommend MarcaPoker’s Tape Delay, it’s worth it!

Listen to the 222nd Annual MarcaPoker Show Podcast

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