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888Poker’s Progressive Freerolls

888Poker’s Progressive Freerolls

888Poker’s progressive freerolls are a reminder that we’re in this together. Participate in this special free tournament only in Latin America!

Why Choose Progressive Freerolls? So named because the prizes are guaranteed – GTD starts at $0 but goes up to $400 If We All Win Comment with your NICK + “Like” + “Share” Reach $ USD.

You can do this on 888Pokers Facebook Latam Here

1-30 comments + likes + shares :50 GTD 31-60 comments + likes + shares: $100 GTD 61-99 Comment + Like + Share: $200 GTD 100+ Comments + Likes + Shares: $400 GTD

Deadline is Saturday, March 16 The Progressive Freeroll will take place on Sunday 17th March at 11:30pm GMT The password will be announced on 888Pokers Facebook Latam here on the day of the tournament.

We also have a second date week for LATAM LEAGUE this year

LATAM LEAGUE Mystery Bounty 2 – $300 GTDBUY: $1 | Unlimited Repurchases x $1 | Tuesday, March 12



888Poker’s Progressive Freerolls

Carrera performs well at Carrasco Poker Series

Carrera performs well at Carrasco Poker Series

From guaranteed $30,000 bonus to $100,000. This is the success of the Carrasco Poker Series held at the Sofitel Montevideo Casino Carrasco . LLFB Eventos’s spa in Montevideo.

Day 1C, the third opening day of the Main Event, takes place this Friday with a registrationof 133 runners and 38 runners for Saturday’s Day 2qualifiers , although there is also a 1D Turbo contest, with plenty of opportunities to reach $100,000. So far, there are 315 total entrants, with a prize of $300.

Juan Francisco Carrera (cover photo) came out on top in Day 1C with 360,000 in chips, which allowed him to climb to the top of the main stage and watch them all from above. Behind him are Alvaro Gonzalez (191.00) and Pedro Betancor (183.000).

This Saturday, Day 1D Turbo starts at 10:00 AM and Day 2 starts at 2:00 PM begins, and the winner will be determined.

Also atat 6pm, it’s time for the $800 buy-in High Roller, with a guaranteed prize of $30,000, although it’s likely that this pot will be exceeded as well. Below you will find all the details about the structure of this tournament.

Carrera performs well at Carrasco Poker Series

“AlexPerez77” Failed, GGMasters Overlay Edition Ranked 11th

“AlexPerez77” Failed, GGMasters Overlay Edition Ra...

Brazilian fans were vying for a spot in the GGMaster Overlay Edition decider until the end of day two. With only two eliminations remaining, “AlexPerez77” lost the flip and exited the event in 11th place. In total, he won $38,184.

On exiting, ‘AlexPerez77’ had 10 BBS when he called a 3bet all-in from ‘neverfold7bet’. He dominated with A♠K♠ against 9♠9♥ and couldn’t find any out cards on the 5♣5♥4♣7♠10 board.

In the previous hand, “J Rosenwasser” also lost all his chips. After the flop of K♣A♥4♥, he check-raised all-in and was dealt A♣ “neverfold7bet” of 4 called. With A♣2♥, the Brazilian lost to Round 4 and River J♣. “neverfold7bet” in 12th place took home $32,422.

Yago “porco1337” Simplício also reached the semi-finals. The São Paulo native was eliminated in 15th place and increased his balance to $27,529 – USD. In a blind battle, he made an open all-in at 13 BBS, which saw the Portuguese player Jorge “bemjogadogg” Abreu called with A♠Q♠. With Q♥8♥, Yago got 2♠9♠Q♣ 6♠4 ♠ with no chance.

Over the course of nine qualifying stages, GGPoker statistics With 66,894 entrants, the prize was $109, thus meeting the $10,000,000 guaranteed goal.

Contest resumes at 4:00 PM (local time) with the winner taking home $806,081.

“AlexPerez77” Failed, GGMasters Overlay Edition Ra...

Shaun Deeb takes the deal and ends his million-dollar bet with a profit

Sean Deeb accepts settlement offer from million do...

A daring millionaire bet between Shaun Deeb and Bill Perkins ended with a win for both the American pros. During the weight loss challenge, Sean Deeb decided to take Perkins up on his offer and ended the challenge with two big wins: actual weight loss and a ton of money in his account.

2023 Bill Perkins claims Shaun Deeb lost 40% body fat ahead of the 2024 WSOP to reach his 17% goal. Deeb accepted the challenge and started a routine focused on working out and losing weight, which is why he didn’t compete in tournaments like the KSOP GGPoker South America. If Deeb hits that number, Perkins will pay him $1 million.

With the WSOP about two months away, Shaun Deeb already has victory firmly within his grasp. Just over three weeks ago, Deeb showed a body fat percentage of 23.9 percent in a test, and it looks like he’s on track to hit his goal. However, the bet was abandoned last Saturday when the deal was announced.

Due to some other side bets, Deeb decided to open a buyout made by Perkins to declare the challenge over. The American businessman paid Deeb $800,000 for the performance, which he accepted after speaking to his wife. Despite the huge sum guaranteed, the bet seemed to change Dib’s mind.

In a post at the end of the challenge, he said he would continue with the plan even after the amount was determined. This will set an example for his children:

“Last night, after discussions with @crashleydeeb, we decided to accept @bp22’s $800,000 offer. I can’t thank him and Charlie enough.” This The stakes gave me the motivation to prove everyone wrong. I’m still working towards my 17% goal. I’m going out there to show my kids that if I can do a lot of things that people think are too difficult or impossible, they can too. Initially I thought about not announcing the acquisition because I was determined to hit the target, but a lot of people had parallel promotions, so I didn’t tell them that Bill had acquired. If anyone doubts whether I can still do it, I’m willing to bet more on myself. If you need advice about your goals, please feel free to contact us. If I can’t help, I can help recommend someone who can.

Sean Deeb accepts settlement offer from million do...

Luciano Machiarelli is the winner of KSOP Monster 8-Max KO

Luciano Machiarelli is the winner of KSOP Monster...

The KSOP in Rio de Janeiro was packed with champions on Tuesday night. The Monster 8-Max KO Championship was the main event of the day, ultimately won by Argentinian champion Luciano Macchiarelli. His compatriot José Guichi Grill completed the podium in third place.

Lucho, a participant in the previous day’s super high stakes tournament, recovered from a fall at the final table. Contested and won this monster 8-Max KO. He beat 714 entrants and took home R$229,200 for first place.

Luciano is one of the few at the final table who has yet to win a KSOP title. He had to beat Elvis Renan, Peterson Machado, Sergey Utenkov, Sebastian Fonseca Fonseca, Lincoln Freitas, Adriano Aparecido, Alexandre Couto and several other champions, as well as his compatriot Jose “Guochi” Grill, who has already won the one-time main event title.

The champion is satisfied with what he has experienced on the track, he is already thinking about his next steps in the coming days and has made it clear that he will fight for all possible championships that will expand the bankroll.

Final table prize money:

1. – Luciano Macchiarelli (Argentina) – BRL 229,200.

2. – Sebastian Fonseca (Colombia) – 149,000 reals

3. – Jose Grill (Argentina) – 100,000 reals

4. Location – Sergey Utenkov (Peru) – R$ 68,000

5° – Lincon Freitas – R$ 48,120

6° – Alexandre Couto – R$ 36,500

7° – Adriano Aparecido – R$ 28,700

8° – Elvis Renan – R$ 23,200

9° – Peterson Machado – R$ 18,500

Luciano Machiarelli is the winner of KSOP Monster...

“icaiuabroca” beats PKO at Suprema Sunday and wins R$ 66,000

“icaiuabroca” beats PKO at Suprema Sunday and wins...

Suprema had a very busy straight draw on Sunday, April 4th. ‘icaiuabroca’ is the winner of Sunday’s R$300 PKO 500K GTD. His total credit increased by R$ 66,049. 1,592 contestants took part in the championship.

In the 800 R$ Omax HR race, “Assimnãoné” won R$ 23,310 with his outstanding performance “Baruck”. Earned a silver medal and R$ 9,712.

Show more results:

150 BRL Battle HR (767 participants)

Winner: “mig. com” R$18,616

R$550 HighS (113 entries)

Winner: “bel0wab0ve” R$16,672

55 Supreminho (2,297 entrants)

Winner: “Fanfarrão007” R$15,233

“icaiuabroca” beats PKO at Suprema Sunday and wins...

KSOP GGPoker South America reveals the main tournament structure

KSOP GGPoker South America reveals the main tourna...

There are just a few days left until the KSOP GGPoker South America 50 million R$ guaranteed event. From January 24 to February 7, the Riocentro Convention & Event Center in Rio de Janeiro guarantees plenty of action at the poker tables in its 10,000 m2 hall. Due to the partnership between KSOP and GGPoker, many tournaments in the series have a similar structure to some of the classic events on the GG online platform. On the other hand, some of the featured events from the different stages of the KSOP have been retained in this year’s first edition and even made some improvements. Check out some of the KSOP GGPoker tournaments in South America: High Roller Mystery Progressive One Day Event On the first day of the series, it will already be possible to participate in the Mystery Bounty Tournament, with a maximum bounty of up to R$100,000. As this is only a one-day event, it starts at 2:00pm on 24 January with a buy-in of R$7,000. With a guarantee of R$1,500,000 and prizes ranging from R$2,500 to R$100,000, the Mystic Progressive One-Day High Roller is a great way to get the series off to a good start. GG Mysterious Millionaire Perhaps one of the most cost-effective tournaments on the entire schedule, GG Mystery Millionaire is another mystery bounty, albeit one with a longer than one day resolution. Not only is it one of the cheapest tournaments in South America at KSOP GGPoker with a buy-in of R$600, but you still have four days to qualify for Day 2. With a guarantee of R$1,000,000 and prize money ranging from R$100 to R$50,000, this is undoubtedly one of the most cost-effective tournaments in the series. GG One Million The GG Millions bonus is somewhere between high-roller bonuses and cheaper bonuses. As the name suggests, this tournament has a guaranteed prize pool of R$1,000,000 and a buy-in of R$1,000. Like GG Mystery Millionaire, this will be a multi-day event, with the first day taking place between February 3rd and 4th, the second day on February 5th, and the final day on February 6th. Be sure to check out the KSOP GGPoker South America Schedule, including full details of the Main Event, which has a guarantee of R$11,000,000 and offers a minimum of R$2,000,000 to the winner, as well as the GGPoker Super High Roller Event, Promise to create national and international legends in Latin America’s first R$ 100,000 buy-in tournament.

KSOP GGPoker South America reveals the main tourna...

888poker $1000 free bet on new year

888poker $1000 free bet on new year

888Poker offers $1,000 freeroll

Kick off the new year in style with a free $1,000 freeroll on Friday 12th January at 8:00pm GMT Year! Latin America hours are 5:00 – 4:00 – 3:00 – 2:00 pm.

Do you want to know the password? Share your wishes for poker in 2024 and tag 888poker on his X account (extwitter)Tweet from 888poker

Passwords will be announced 60 minutes before registration starts!

Why? Does it make sense to download the 888Poker software and app?

You may be wondering why, and the answer is: the 888Poker mobile app is a premium product that you can use anytime, anywhere to maximize your downtime for use and boring waiting

Users who prefer to play poker on multiple tables at the same time can do so through the 888poker app, but can only play on a maximum of 4 tables at the same time. The tables are stacked on top of each other, and you can switch between them by tapping the table image at the top of your mobile device screen. Switching between tables is quick and smooth.

888poker $1000 free bet on new year

XL Winter Series: Main Event 1 Million Guaranteed

XL Winter Series: Main Event 1 Million Guaranteed

Las Mesas de 888poker is currently launching its massive XL Winter Series! This online series has tournaments with guaranteed prizes of over $2,000,000 and buy-ins as big as the massive GTD!

This XL Series includes Mystery Bounty, one of our most diverse and popular tournament formats.

The Torneos series begins on January 14, 2024, with matches taking place on the first day of the Main Event. The main $1,000,000 GTD MB competition takes place in March. Slide 2 of the main event ends on January 29th. and released on January 30th. Live on the 888pokerTV Twitch channel.

The series is player-centered. Most Torneos are priced as follows: Under $55. Get an affordable buy-in and value for money!

Also highlighted in the series is the Invierno #20 Torneo Mystery Bounty, which offers a $162 prize and a multi-game GTD XL buy-in of $200,000. The first day starts on January 16th. The next day is January 22nd

The final day airs on January 23rd on 888pokerTV’s Twitch channel, along with the following events:

January 15th – $120,000 GTD XL Invierno # 02 Opening Event23/1 – $200,000 GTD XL Invierno #20 Recompensa mitriosa30/1 – $1,000,000 GTD XL Invierno #34 Mystery Bounty EVENTO PRINCIPALBest Games of the XL Winter SeriesLast year’s main event in the series was the $1 million GTD Mystery Bounty Main Event, with a purse of $888.

The first day of the multi-game event has been extended to the 29th. 1. Players can directly purchase entries to participate in the XL Winter Series Freerolls.

Most days start with the following entry, along with any other special offers:

Here are all the best 888poker tournaments featured in the XL Winter Series:

14/1 @19:00 – – $120,000 XL Invierno #02 – Opening – – Starting at $10919/1 @19:00 – – $10,000 XL Invierno #12 – PKO Turbo Deep Mini – – Entrada de $2226/1 7:00 PM – – $10,000 XL Invierno #27 – Big Shot 6-Max Mini – – $22 Admission28/1 @19:30 – – $50,000 XL Winter #31 – Mystery Bounty High Roller – – Entrada de $525Check out the full XL Invierno calendar for more details.

Be sure to check out the full dates and conditions to promote the current series.

XL Winter Series: Main Event 1 Million Guaranteed

Pablo Brito beats high roller event at EPT Prague and leverages €153 million

Pablo Brito beats high roller event at EPT Prague...

After a sluggish 2023, Pablo Brito will leave Prague, Czech Republic, with the coveted European Poker Tour Silver Sword. He bid farewell to the festival with a winner’s cry in Game 57: €10,200 No Limit Hold’em. The 9tales member beat 46 entrants to take home €153,900.

Pablo entered the High Roller with maximum lag and quickly climbed up the leaderboard. After the founding of the Financial Times, he ranked sixth with 37 BBS. Still unable to get a euro, the Brazilian held out with A♥K♥ against A♣J♠ and Moonho Seo to get closer to the leader.

In the ITM bubble, Pablo won a large pot after winning the championship. It’s best to triple all-in. According to PokerNews, at the start of the match, Thomas Eychenne raised directly to 35,000 from UTG. Pablo then called. Junior Jean-Vincent Lehut pushed his 159,000 chips into the middle of the table. Eychenne raised to 300,000 and then Pablo called with K♦K♠. When Lehut showed 8\8♥, Eychenne showed A♠K♥. The 6♣J♣10♣2♠4♠ cross resulted in the death of Lehut and left Eychenne with only 3 BBS.

Pablo’s next victim was Andras Nemeth. In a 4♣4♠ flip against ACheck, the Hungarian could not find his exit on J 8 ♣ 3 ♠ 10 4 ♦ and fell to fourth place.

More Owners With more than half the stack, Pablo saw Mounir Tajiou send Sirzat Hissou into heads-up play with almost as much chips as he had.

Taijou managed to turn the tables, but Pablo was quick to react. On the A♥10♥6♠ flop, Bahian hit two pair with 10♦6♥, which ultimately paid the Swede to go all-in. Taijou dominated with 9♥4♥, winning more outs on turn 7♠, but the river of 10♣ confirmed Pablo’s victory.

Now with 10 BBSs, Taijou is the next to be eliminated. As a farewell, he declared an all-in move on a K♠3♥3♠9 board and received a call. With 7♠3♣ against K♣4♥, Pablo avoided the river 9♦ and won the pot.

Final score

1. Pablo Brito (Brazil) 153,900 euros

2. Mounir Tajiou (Sweden) 100,400 euros

3. Sirzat Hissou (Germany) €69,200

4. Andras Nemeth (Hungary) €51,300

5. Kazuyuki Tanemura (Japan) €40,200

6. Thomas Eychenne (France) €31,200

Pablo Brito beats high roller event at EPT Prague...

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