At Triton London, Koon won his eighth title while Juan Pardo saved $200,000 on day one.

At Triton London, Koon won his eighth title while...

Champion Jason Koon

That’s right, Juan Pardo has reinvested 70% of the GGMillion$ prize pool into a new tournament. That’s$200,000 $8-MaxThis is the sixth event on the London High Roller schedule.

The sharp increase in the number of buy-ins has caused serious damage to the arena.

The player from Malaga is ranked 12th, just below the average at 57bb. Indeed, this number was increased by the stacks of Nacho Barbero, Mikita Badziakouski and Jean-Nole Thorel who broke through with over 142bb, with no other player reaching 95bb.

For fans of the particular genre of poker called Super High Rollers, there is hardly a name on the list of participants that does not immediately come to mind. Therefore, the presence of several superstars of the circuit is guaranteed in the broadcast of Day 2, which is broadcast on the regular channel of the Triton series from 3:00 pm the next day.

Unable to verify live when Juan was playing GGMillion$ on his tablet at his $200,000 table, as all of the Triton cameras’ attention during yesterday’s live broadcast was on event #6 $60k $7-Max results.

In a situation that has been repeated several times, the winner of the competition turned out to be Jason Koon, track ambassador and current Triton POY and Elimination candidates hold enough fingers to boast the title of this series. There have been eight games.

Koon was already in the lead at the start of the final table, slightly ahead of Matthias Eibinger, with more than twice as many chips including Dan Smith, event 3 champions Espen Jorstad and Phil Ivey.

Smith and Ivey are involved in a blind war. Smith bluffed with JT, but Ivey didn’t call all-in with AK. A flopped jack left Ivey in sixth place ($363,000).

American Justin Saliba smashed the tables with his career-best $690,000. Ebinger and Smith drove prices higher. Koon was the tormentor of most of the late eliminations, entering HU with a nearly 2-1 chip lead over Rodrigo Selouan. The Brazilian has an enviable track, with Yuri Martins and Pedro Galaniani helping him analyze. However, he decided to base his decision on hunting down a possible bluff from Koon, who bet all streets on the 3K6AT table with AK on the river, prompting an all-in move on the river. Selouan called fourth pair, beating him all-in for very little money.

  1. Jason Koon 1,570,000
  2. Rodrigo Selouan 1,060,300
  3. Justin Saliba 690,000
  4. Dan Smith 571,000
  5. Matthias Ebinger 460,600
  6. Phil Ivey 363,000
  7. Espen Jöstad 277,500
  8. Alex ·Kulev 209,000

At Triton London, Koon won his eighth title while...

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