Aloísio Dourado enters final day of WSOP Event 27

Brazil’s second title at the 2023 WSOP could be on Tuesday, the 13th. Event 27: Aloisio Dourado is one of the leaders in the $1,500 eight-hand mixed 6-handed event with only 21 players remaining. He has 1,705,000 in chips, just behind Daniel Strelitz (1,793,000) and Chad Campbell (1,991,000).

Competition for Event 27 was tight with seven former series winners still in the field, including Robert Mizraki, Sean Dibb and Nick Schulman. In total, they owned 13 gold bracelets.

Aloisio is targeting a $198,854 prize pool and has already won at least $8,035.

The game will start shortly after 5pm (Brasilia time). Likewise, entrants must demonstrate their skills in the following modes: No-Limit Hold’em, Seven Card Stud, Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or higher, Razz, Pot Limit Omaha, Limit Hold’em, Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or higher and 2-7 low three draws.

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  • This text provides information about the ongoing WSOP event, specifically highlighting Brazilian player Aloisio Dourado’s strong position among the remaining 21 players. The competition is tough, as there are seven former series winners still in the field, but Aloisio has already secured a prize and is aiming for the top title and prize pool.

  • This text provides information about Brazil’s chances of winning the 2023 WSOP title in Event 27, with player Aloisio Dourado being one of the leaders. It also mentions the tough competition from former series winners and the different game modes in the event.

  • This text provides an update on Brazil’s performance at the 2023 WSOP, highlighting Aloisio Dourado’s strong position in the eight-hand mixed 6-handed event. With notable competition and a chance at a significant prize pool, Brazil’s chances for a second title seem promising.

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    This text highlights the impressive performance of Aloisio Dourado in the 2023 WSOP, with a chance to win Brazil’s second title. The competition is tough with several former series winners still in the field, making it an exciting event to watch.

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