Aguilera and Rox to be Latin aces on Day 7 of WSOP 2023 Main Event

Aguilera and Rox to be Latin aces on Day 7 of WSOP...

Mexico’s José Aguilera is in the Top 20 in the tournament and has an important pick to keep the final table in contention (photo courtesy of PokerNews). ).

The $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em World Championship, the main event of the 54th edition of the World Series, has been reduced to just 49 players and the tournament has dwindled as a result. Among them, Mexican Jose Aguilera and Brazilian Carlos Roquez are the only remaining representatives of the Latin American Armada. Aguilera ended Day 6 with 14,950,000 in chips and was 16th in chips, while Rox was 25th with 10,975,000. American Joshua Payne leads with 47,950,000 units in Day 7 qualifiers.

Payne leads the 49 players still in contention for the WSOP title in Las Vegas.

Starting this Thursday at noon, Las Vegas time, Day 7 of the 2023 World Series of Poker (WSOP)The game is about to start at)Main Event. Attendance at the event dwindled from the 149 people seated at the start of the event to just 49 after a tense night before. American Joshua Payne leads the chip stack with 47,950,000 chips, well ahead of the next Spanish player, Juan Maceiras Lapido. The Iberian scored 40,500,000 points, while Daniel Weinman, also from the host country, was part of the podium, although he was on Day 6 Finished with 24,375,000 points In his opinion, he is still far from the top two.

Joshua Payne ends Day 6 of the tournament as the chip leader.

After eliminating 100 players at the table in Wednesday’s Level 5 event, the Latin American team was awarded $10,000 in the Marathon-Limit Hold’em World Championship now only Jose Aguilera of Mexico and Carlos Enrique Roques da Silva of Brazil. The Aztecs finished 16th in chips with 14,950,000 chips, while the Brazilians started Day 7 with 10,975,000 chips and 25th overall

Colombia’s Sergio Torres tops the money list in his first World Series appearance after a memorable run, while the Latin American Armada’s nine representatives Win the championship while running out of chips. Day 6. The Ibag player finished 63rd for a whopping $130,300 in prize money, which would be the largest payout of his career at a live tournament. Prior to this, Mexico’s David Cossio Ruíz (86th; $92,600) and Diego Ramos (120th; $67,700); Venezuela’s Luis Yépez (No. 89; $92,600); Oscar Arache, Chile (No. 115; $67,700); Ezequiel Lebed, Argentine (No. 141; $67,700 US$) and Brazilians Vitor Bengozi (No. 98; US$78,900), Luis Dornelles (No. 112; US$67,700), Hilton Laborda (No. 116; $67,700) and Rodrigo Motoki (No. 148; $67,700).

If play is restarted, blinds are 125,000/250,000, with 250,000 mandatory higher stakes; bet values ​​based on 31. level. Every Day 7 invitee has earned at least $188,400; but everyone will do their best to make it through the day, with five additional levels of two hours each .

We end Day 6 with the Top 10 in chips. Details and paytables for the Latinos in action will be OK until we know the new World Series of Poker champion:

Day 6 Top 10

Chip Leader: Joshua Payne (USA) 47,950,000 in chips2. Location: Juan Maceiras Lapido (Spain) 40,500,0003rd Place Location: Daniel Wen Mann (USA) 24,375,000Fourth place – Richard Ryder (USA) 22,650,000 Fifth place: Tim Van Loo (Austria ) 21,700,0006th Place – Alec Torelli (USA) 21,075,0007th Place: Daniel Scroggins (USA) 20,800,0008th. Location: Ryan Tamanini (USA) 19,200,0009th Place: Pierpaolo Lamanna (Italy) 18,875,00010th Place: Nicholas Gerrity (USA ) 18,075,000

Aguilera and Rox to be Latin aces on Day 7 of WSOP...

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  • This text provides an update on the current standings of the World Series of Poker tournament, highlighting the remaining players, including Mexican Jose Aguilera and Brazilian Carlos Roquez, who are the only Latin American representatives left in the competition. The chip leader, Joshua Payne, leads the 49 players still in contention for the title.

  • This text provides an update on the status of the World Series of Poker tournament, highlighting the performance of Mexican player José Aguilera and Brazilian player Carlos Roquez. It also mentions the current chip leader, American Joshua Payne, and the top 10 players in terms of chips.

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